Thoughts from the Pond

IMG_0648I’ve been working on this project for a year now.  It will have walking boards around the pond, a waterfall and lily pads to shade the Koi from the hot summer sun. It’s a redo of my first Koi pond, but currently my Koi pond is a pond without the Koi.

The story goes like this: eight years ago I built a small pond near the side of our deck under the kitchen sink window. We called it Lake Elyse after Jaclyn’s middle name. We added three fish to it, a Koi, a Shubunkin Koi and a Fancy Goldfish. I loved those fish. As they saw me, they would make their way to the top of the water to be fed, but if someone else came along they hid under the baskets I built to shelter them from predators. We had a special friendship.

IMG_3260However, the pond became too small for this fish and they needed a bigger home. I relocated a concrete patio, dug a deeper and bigger pond and moved my three aquatic Sterns offspring to their new and bigger home. One problem: my old pond filter wasn’t big enough to take care of more water to purify. I found myself cleaning the pond every other day. I couldn’t keep up and eventually an algae outbreak took over. In my aggressive approach to dealing with this green monster, I killed my beloved fish by shocking the system too fast. The chemicals sucked all the oxygen out of the water and the next morning I saw my three fish doing the backstroke. It was a sad day as I held a burial at land ceremony.

The problem was that I needed a larger filtering system. So, I decided to add a three-foot high waterfall feature to enhance more beauty and sound. But, I couldn’t get it right. I planned my ways. I researched the best practices. I built it and it didn’t work, so I tore it down. I moved it to another location and rebuilt it again. But that didn’t work.IMG_0522

Finally, I had something that was going to work. This past Monday, I put all the finishing touches on it.  Tested each level of the stream, made sure all the leaks were taken care of and moved rocks to get the flow I wanted. Yes! I had a stream and waterfall that was going to give the results I needed to add my fish friends to Lake Elyse.

I turned the pump on in the morning, went to the office and when I came home that evening, my pond was almost completely emptied from a leak somewhere in that blasted stupid blankety-blank waterfall.

I think life is like my waterfall.

We plan for success. We build our lives around something or someone. We hope for success in our business or ministries, but we find ourselves constantly in the tweaking stage and never really enjoying the success of our labors.

We work hard at building new patterns of living. We do the heavy lifting of moving boulders to make our lives better, with each rock thinking this will work this time. We start this new program purchased from late night TV shopping. We add another thing here or there. We try something, it doesn’t work, we tweak it, try it again.

No luck.

The sound of the water flowing into our lives is just a dream.

Do we give up? Do we stop believing it can be built? Fill in the hole and just plant flowers? Do we just stop?

I don’t think so.

We keep trying because there’s something in our souls that says it can be done. It’s the hope of a dream accomplished. A marriage restored. A business thriving. A church reaching it’s full redemptive potential.

We keep trying because we have hope in God who restores all things.

 The apostle Paul wrote this about not giving up. “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if you do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

 So keep working at it. Whatever “it” is.




One thought on “Thoughts from the Pond

  1. What a great reminder of how we should deal with whatever “it” is, and whatever the plural word for “it” is- thanks for sharing!

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