Leadership Lessons from Peter Drucker

Leadership ConceptFrom My Leadership Archives

Peter Drucker and management are synonymous. He was an author of a required reading in one of my business classes at Oral Roberts University. Peter Drucker has been recognized as the “father of modern management,” and a Forbes cover story called him “the most perceptive observer of the American scene since Alexis de Tocqueville.”

I’ve found this article in my leadership archives that thought would be good for us as leaders and pastors to review as we lead our churches. In this article, Bob Buford from Leadership Network recapped some of the most significant leadership insights Drucker offered to the team while he served on the Board of Directors.

Here is the list of the Top Ten most Important Things an Organization must do: 

  1. The mission comes first; the mission of non-profits and churches is changed lives!
  2. The function of management is to make the church more church-like, not make the church more business-like.
  3. An organization begins to die the day it begins to be run for the benefit of the insiders and not for the benefit of the outsiders.
  4. Know the value of planned abandonment. You must decide what not to do.
  5. Know the value of foresight. You cannot predict the future, but you must access the futurity of present events.
  6. Focus on opportunities, not on problems. Most organizations assign their best resources to their problems, not their opportunities.
  7. Management is a social function and has mostly to do with people, not techniques and procedures.
  8. People decisions are the ultimate control mechanism of an organization. That’s where people look to find out what values an organization really holds.
  9. All work is work for a team. No individual has the temperament and skills to do every job. The purpose of a team is to make strengths productive and weaknesses irrelevant.
  10. The three most important questions are “What’s our business? Who’s the customer? And what does the customer consider value?”

That’s Drucker’s list. What would you add? What one or two of this list did God highlight to you to focus your next few months of leading?


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